Reinventing Air Disinfection Experience
air filtration system
air filtration system
Automatic Operation

Wellis Air eliminates 99.9%

surface & airborne contaminants.(viruses,bacteria,gases,)

air filtration system
Night Mode

Minimal noise. Low brightness for optimal sleep. Display dims to appropriate setting.

air filtration system
No UV Lamps or Filters

No more replacing far less efficient filters and UV lamps. Wellis Air works with proven OH Radical technology.

air filtration system

Powerful purifying substance is generated naturally in the ozone. Harmlessly disappears along with other air pollutants. 

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Active Continuous 
Disinfection At Low Cost.

Wellisair India offers a device with game-changing technology which functions while people are in the room at less than ₹11 per day (24hours)

air purifier

Wellisair Devices are trusted by doctors.

Wellisair device WADU-02 has been installed in:
Gauri Gopal Hospital, Kurnool (AP), India.
China's famous Hospital built in 10 days.